Ignition Module
Ignition Module
HET replaces the complete CDI system for
TRA-12D and S14D Engines
OS69 Ignition Module replaces the YJ69
used on TRA-12D and S14D engines
Originally the ignition system turned the engine on and off
using the same key switch used to start the tractor. As the
key switch aged, it often became faulty in that it would send
a 12V pulse to the module, which would ultimately destroy it.

To avoid buying another replacement module, it is highly
recommended that a separate switch be employed.
Reference the wiring diagram below, and you will notice
that the new switch should be connected between the
white lead of the stator or yellow lead of the module and
any convenient ground.

If the white/yellow lead is brought to ground, the engine will
die. If the white/yellow connection is open, the engine will
be allowed to run. Installing a separate switch in this
fashion will ensure that the module will not be subjected to
stray voltage from the battery.
I have complete factory instructions for testing this system
on the Illustrations page.
Sam's Bolens, LLC
This HET ( Hall-Effect-Trigger ) Module was designed to
completely replace the OEM CDI system that has been
obsolete / NLA, other than the OS-69 ( YJ-69 ) to the right.
Installation couldn't be easier. Simply mount the module under
the flywheel and route/connect the wires per diagram below.
New coil
Tecumseh & Wisconsin replacement ignition systems
Tecumseh HET system replaces
610-759 / 610-760
Found on HH100 & HH120

Tecumseh HET
Ignition Module
New coil
instructions included
The Tecumseh HET system replaces the Factory CDI
( 610-759 / 610-760 ) in total. Comprised of a trigger module
that mounts underneath the flywheel & a Bosch Blue
automotive coil. Installing the system could not be easier.
The HET above mounts with a single fastener and reqires
no timing to be done. Simple two wire hook-up
Tecumseh CDI system replaces
610-748 / 610-855 / 610-906
Testing procedure relative to the ignition portion of the
10A ( 610747 ) and 20A ( 610902 ) Stators
*** NOTICE : if you are not absolutely certain that you can perform these safely,
please consult a professional***
1) Battery must be fully charged and starter operating properly to accurately perform this test -
cranking speed counts

2) Disconnect the spark plug high-tension from spark plug - do
not remove spark plug to
correctly gage the results

3) Remove the blower housing which encases the flywheel

4) Unplug the Stator 3-position connector from the regulator - This will DISABLE the Ignition

5) Disconnect the little black quick-connect lead from the left side of the OEM MAG.
(610748,610755 or 610906) or the TCDI replacement

6) Connect one lead of a AC Voltage meter ( DVM on AC setting ) to this lead - connect the
other AC Voltage meter to ground

7) Position all test leads & equipment such that they are all clear of the flywheel and any
other moving parts

8) Keeping your fingers and other appendages clear of the flywheel/etcetra, crank the engine
over and witness the resulting voltage

9) If voltage is consistent and at least 75VAC, the stator should be fine - occasionally stators
fail as the engine becomes HOT

Stator Identification:
10A ( 610747) Stators have staggered pins on the 3-position connector - much like a head
lamp connector on older automobiles

20A ( 610902 ) stators have the in-line pins on the 3-position connector
complete instructions included
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