Dear Sam,
attached are a few pics of my Bolens GllXL pulling tractor. I obtained this tractor in 2007, complete with mowing deck and tired but running original 11 HP engine.
Since then it has had a few custom up grades done to it, like an 18 horse opposed Briggs that is still stock. I am also still using the original running gear that keeps
holding up! Here in Northern Michigan I run this tractor hard in competition.  Pulling a weight sled on a track, just like the big boys. This tractor weighs 1200 pounds
with all the weights on it. I am in the 15-20 H.P 1100-1200 pound pulling class. I have used it for pulling two years now. Our club K&M Tractor Pullers, along with
others in the area total around 50 events a year. At the end of the season the points are totaled up and for the top "pullers" jackets are awarded at our banquet. I have
beaten on this thing hard for two years now and have only replaced a belt! I am looking forward to the 09 season. I am glad I found your website, just in case.....
I hope you have some room on your website to post a few pics.
Steve Kartes
Beaverton Michigan
Here you will find pictures of my friends and fellow collectors. Take a look around and enjoy the pictures. If you have a
tractor that you have restored, and would like to show it off, please send me a picture or two and I will gladly post it here.
These two beautiful tractors are owned by Mark Howe of Hobart, Indiana
The one on the left is a 1979 Bolens  
HT-23  original paint except for rims.
The only decals Mark has replaced
is the dash and hood sides.
The above tractor is a 1968 Bolens 1250 with an
optional Johnson loader. Mark started out with
a 50.00 beater and finished this frame off
restoration about a year ago. Great Job!  
1969 Bolens 770 Husky Owned by
Ron McClinsey of St. Marys,PA
H16XL owned by Dave Leack
of Three lakes,Wisconsin
John Hearn's HT-18
Sporting a new set of
decals purchased
from us
Ron says he picked this up for  20 bucks and a case
of beer. It sure didn't look like this!
Dave repainted this and installed a new set
decals  that were purchased from us. Do you
notice something in the picture to the left?
What's up with that motor? Nice Job Dave!
This nice collection of Bolens is owned by Jacques
Lacasse of Rimouski, Quebec.  
HT-20 Owned by Steve Burgeson of
1971 Bolens 1886 Husky Owned by Jim Tarbox of Cumberland,ME  
Jim found this when he was stuck in traffic and ended up buying it
for $250.00. With a lot of work,she looks like this. Nice job!
This 1050 is owned by Jeff Hackman of Denver, PA.
Perfect example off what one should look like!
This is a Bolens H12XL owned by Ricky Hippler of
Weare, NH. He's just about finished his restoration.
Lookin' good !
Steve and his friend made the
backhoe & loader from cad plans.
Nice job Steve!
GTX20 with loader
owned by
Bob Arciello of
Mt Sinai, New York
Looks good John!
Bolens Super Versa-Matic
Model 15FD-03
This restoration was just finished by
Jeffrey & Richard Garbutt
(father & son) of Peterborough, Ontario
This John-Deere is owned by John Morris
Wait a minute ! That's no Deere,  
that's a 1050 under cover!
Good looking tractor even thou it's GREEN !!
Looks Great guys !!
I'm sure you'll enjoy this at the
tractor shows.
1962 Bolens 600
Owned by
David Staples
of Clarksville, TN
This was originally a Bolens 943 gear drive frame steer articulator model FS11 with a 11hp single cylinder Briggs motor. I upgraded the motor that was
getting a little run down to a fresh new Kohler 18hp twin cylinder vertical mount engine. I found an Eaton hydrostatic drive and transaxle taken from what
I think was either a Bolens 944 or 966 tractor that I found at a local garden tractor boneyard. The twin engine required custom home made engine mounts,
and I also reinforced the rear frame substantially at this time. The mower deck was completely reworked with new spindle bearing and race sets.
Everything old was practically taken down to bare metal with a fresh coat of paint to match. The engine cowling no longer fits on the massive Kohler
engine, but it cuts grass on any surface like a professional grade machine. The amazing thing about these lawn tractors is that they will not tip over while
cutting on any grade of hill. They will slide sideways before tipping!  Hope you enjoy the pictures and story and find a place to post on your great web site.
Dave Getsfried
West Bend, Wisconsin
FS - 18
Pictured below is a Bolens 1668 Owned by
Jack Hirsch of Far Hills, NJ
After 23 yrs of service, the front axle & drive shaft gave out.
We were able to repair his axle, and supply a new drive shaft
to get him up and running again.
Thanks Jack, looks great !!
Urban Maissen sent in these pictures of his Bolens, all the
way from Switzerland ! Thanks Urban,I'm glad we were
able to get her back to work for you.
Chris Stoneman's newly remodeled HT-20
Chris resides in West Sussex, England
Where this restoration project will definitely turn some heads! Another fine job!
Brian Chechile of Ansonia, CT is the proud owner of this 1225.  Brian swapped  the  Wisconsin TRA12D for an 18hp Briggs. Nice job !!
Greg Davis from Brunswick, Ohio sends these pictures of his HT-23 with new paint / decals. Looks good !!
Roger Roussy of Terrebonne, Quebec sent in these photos of his restored HT-20 with his home made loader. Nice Job!
Gunars Kancs of Carmel, Indiana
has his QT-17 ready for the snow
James Mason new owner of this G-12 From Livonia, MI
This unique Bolens is owned by Jerry Johnson of New Hill, NC
Anybody seen one of these ?
I have been informed by two more
owners of the same model tractor and
both agree that they were Wards by
Bolens. One owner said it was a 1955
model and the other wasn't sure.
Well Jerry, we know there's at least 3 out there still running.
Below are a couple pictures of an HT-20 owned by Joe Duplessie of New Brunswick, Canada.
Notice the hydraulic dump trailer Joe made.....pretty cool eh?
Nice job Joe !
These pictures were sent in from Joe in South Carolina
showing off his new decals.
HT-18 sent in from Justin Roozen of Wenatchee, WA.
Another fine looking restoration... love them front tires !
Bill Carnevale of Michigan owns this Bolens
HT-20 equipped with Cozy Cab & 48" 2 stage blower
1963 Model 800 owned by Greg Smith of Pinellas Park, FL
1964 Model 800 owned by Brian Schiralli of Hamburg, NY
1956 Ride-A-Matic Model 20HD02 owned by Art Howard of North Huntingdon, PA
1054 owned by Kevin Stotler of Missouri
Owned by Bengt Wennerberg of Lapland, Sweden
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This  months feature was sent in from Henrik Johansson of Sweden
Henrik hand made the loader and wagon by him self ....pretty impressive Henrik !
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